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Company Profile

Sealtech co.,Ltd

Sealtech is a leading supplier of electronic/communication parts and interconnect solutions used in sealing and confidential environment.
Especially, we design and produce highly precise sealing connectors (connector), airtight terminals, and airtight sealing module packages that can withstand harsh environments.

We have research and development of basic sealing technology including glass and metal, glass and glass, metal and metal, ceramic and metal sealing technology, brazing technology and soldering technology so Sealtech manufactures airtight terminals and sealing packages, which are key components for modules / equipment or systems in the aerospace / military field, optical communication / sensor field, and high vacuum industry, through electronic airtight terminals by airtight sealing technology.
And supplying to overseas global companies.

Through this exhibition, we will promote products to more companies about hermitic connectors and signal transmission lead-through and sensor packages, which are our main products as a bridgehead in domestic market and overseas market, We will increase corporate value.